Frequently Asked Questions

 Do we deliver to the airport? Yes, we deliver to Denver International Airport for a $125 fee.

How many passengers can travel in the vehicles? Maximum of two for Skip and Scout, as they have two seats with seatbelts. Coach our larger Sprinter has three seats with seat belts so can allow a total of three occupants.

Can we go off road? We ask that you stay on public, paved roads. The vehicles are two wheel drive and very tall so we do not allow off roading in them. When you arrive to pickup your vehicle we are happy to provide suggestions on great public, dispersed camping spots in the area that are safe to take the vehicles, just ask!

How many miles can we drive? We used a tiered structure for miles. 150 miles / day are included free, 151-250 miles is .15/mile, 251-500 is .25/mile, 501 - 750 is .50/mile and 751+ miles is .75/mile.

What kind of fuel do Coach and Scout take? Both sprinters are Diesel, DO NOT fill them with gas. Skip, our Ford Transit is gasoline powered.

Can I bring my furry friend(s)? Yes! We love dogs and they are welcome to join on your adventures as long as they are well-behaved and not destructive. We also ask that you are extremely cautious with leaving them alone in the vehicles, especially during the hot summers.

Can I take my rental to festivals? We allow festival rentals, with the exception of Burning Man. Please notify us ahead of time if you are planning to attend a festival.

Do I need insurance? No, we offer insurance through Liberty Mutual that is included as a daily fee on every rental and covers you for the entirety of your trip. For more information on the coverage that is included please contact us.

Is there a security deposit? Yes, we take a $1,000 security deposit two days prior to pick up. The deposit will be returned as soon as the rental returns and assessed for no damage.

Can I smoke in the vehicle? No, we do not allow smoking of any kind in the units. This is for the comfort of our future renters and the well-being of the vehicles. There is a $350 non-negotiable fine for anyone who smokes in the units.

What is included in the rental? BV Overland includes everything you need to have the perfect adventure. Fresh sheets, pillows, comforter, kitchenware and accessories are all included. All you need to bring is your personal gear and any food items.

Do you offer one-way rentals? At this time we do not, however we can be flexible within limits on a case-by-case basis, please ask us for more info.