Most RV’s sit unused 97% of the year.

Turn four of those weeks into $4k

Create another stream of income for yourself by having the BV Overland Partnership Program insure and rent your rig to vetted travelers. Turning your RV into a working asset that generates a significant cash flow is a daunting task with a lot of moving parts. The work load is significant, from setting up insurance for your customers, state fees and taxes on rental vehicles, local zoning, creating a streamlined customer experience, and marketing. Alternatively, partnering with BVO is as simple as marking the unused dates of your RV, keeping up with regular scheduled maintenance and then letting BV Overland handle the rest.

Along with ensuring your vehicle is cared for at the same standard you do, we will manage rental inquires, scheduling, orientation, hand-off, customer support, detailing, fueling and return to your property when rental period is complete. Drop a line at info@bvoverland.com to learn about all the benefits of having BVO manage your rig and send you a check each month your vehicle is rented!